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Energy Conservation Benefits of Rolling Shutters
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Energy is becoming scarce.
Prices are soaring.
Energy efficiency has become a major concern.
70% of your heat and 46% of your air conditioning is leaving your home through your doors and windows — and that is only if they are in good condition!

The demand for the rolling shutters has skyrocketed as residents attempt to offset soaring power bills, especially in the past five years.

All American Rolling Shutters are foam-filled aluminum slats used over doors and windows to keep out wind, heat, cold and dust. Industry standards state that the shutters lower power consumption as much as 64% year round, a key factor. The shutters can be operated manually, electrically and by remote control.

While energy conservation was not a major issue a decade ago, continued growth combined with thousands of new homes has kept All American Rolling Shutters growing dramatically during the past few years in both residential and commercial construction.

Also key in Colorado is the fact that a high percentage of new homes are two-story, creating an even bigger need for the Rolling Shutters. In the summer, the shutters are utilized to keep the heat out and cool both the upstairs and downstairs. In many cases, families have not been able to control rising heat, which overworks air conditioning units and creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. New homes could use smaller HVAC units if rolling shutters are installed since the Rolling Shutters control the living environment.

Energy Loss during the Winter

Without Rolling Shutters
Here is how heat leaves your home during the winter. The elements are spending your money.
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With Rolling Shutters
Here are the same windows with All American Rolling Shutters installed. Heat loss is reduced up to 64%
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Energy Loss during the Summer

Without Rolling Shutters
Heat gain is a window's #1 enemy. Heat gain per hour equals 130.4 BTUs. Insulated glass is only 14% more efficient than single pane.
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With Rolling Shutters
Here are the same windows with All American Rolling Shutters installed. Heat gain per hour equals 5.8 BTUs. That is a 95% reduction in heat gain.
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