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Storm and Glass Protection

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We have seen many examples of Rolling Shutters which have protected window glass in the last several years. Tennis ball-sized hail with high winds have broken slat, but in no case was the glass damaged. Can you image what destruction happens when all the glass is broken out of a building and the inconvenience that follows?
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Rolling Shutters block high winds all times of the year. In the southeastern United States Rolling Shutters are used extensively to offset hurricanes which have been such a big problem.
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Many shutter installations have been made on homes next to golf courses. Homes in this area are vulnerable to broken glass due to stray golf balls and benefit greatly from the window protection that rolling shutters offer.

Rolling Shutters have two benefits which normally go unrecognized. Usually Rolling Shutters keeps windows cleaner and also keeps the glass from being pitted by blowing sand and dirt.
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On many windows and patio doors, water vapor condenses on the glass and runs down on the wood trim and floors. This causes discoloring of the wood and rotting of the floor. When Rolling Shutters are used, the temperature of the glass is higher and moisture does not condense.