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Reducing Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution invades your environment. Airplanes, barking dogs, traffic, lawn mowers, and industrial pollution can all interfere with our daily life, and can disrupt the sleep of those who are sensitive to noise. Noise from outside sources is transferred through window glass at a high transfer rate. All American Rolling Shutters blocks up to 35 decibels.
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Dave and Vicki Boehm moved into their southwest Denver residence more than a year ago only to discover the traffic behind their home kept them from getting a good night's sleep. Once the shutters were installed on the back of their home, the Boehm's not only eliminated a noise problem, but kept their bedroom warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer at the same time.
"All American Rolling Shutter's service was excellent." Mrs. Boehm said. "I would definitely recommend them to others. I have never had shutters before, but we couldn't imagine living without them now. In our other house, we could almost hear the wind coming through the windows. We don't have to worry about that now. With these, I have to open them up in the morning because otherwise you can't tell if its day or night."