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Having Control over the Amount of Sun or Light

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All American Rolling Shutters completely block out all light when closed. They can be used to keep out light when sleeping, or eliminate glare when watching television.

Sun control may be the biggest benefit of rolling shutters in Colorado due to the intense sunlight and UV ratings. When closed, rolling shutters block out all of the sun's light, and Colorado's intense UV rays and most of the heat. As energy costs rise, the savings can be substantial. Homeowners have reported savings of 64 percent of more year round.

Where light control is wanted, in computer rooms or home theater/media rooms, rolling shutters can darken a room completely. Day-sleepers appreciate the perfect sleeping environment, along with reduction in outside noise.

Although rolling shutters are associated with security and sun control, they can also decrease dust, noise and sun damage to furniture, draperies and carpets, wood and linoleum flooring.

Energy Loss during the Summer

Without Rolling Shutters
Heat gain is a window's #1 enemy. Heat gain per hour equals 130.4 BTUs. Insulated glass is only 14% more efficient than single pane.
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With Rolling Shutters
Here are the same windows with All American Rolling Shutters installed. Heat gain per hour equals 5.8 BTUs. That is a 95% reduction in heat gain.
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